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The Caxton Club brings together a diversified group of authors, binders, collectors, conservators, dealers, designers, editors, librarians, publishers, scholars, and other interested individuals; into a community who share a love of books and provides them a forum to learn about their history, production, and preservation; to heighten their appreciation of outstanding content, design and production; and to share in the joys of fine books.

The Caxton Club
c/o The Newberry Library
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Upcoming events

    • 09/12/2018
    • 5:00 PM
    • Union League Club, 65 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago

    Joan Friedman:  Owen Jones, Architect of Book Design

    Dinner: Wednesday, September 12, Union League Club

    Owen Jones (1809-1874) was a significant British architect and designer.  Joan Friedman will explore how Jones’s career and training as an architect permeated his approach to book design.  From his publications on the architectural monuments of the Middle East and the Alhambra to his liturgical works and poetry, his ornament was applied to books in much the same way as it was to buildings. Jones’s great work The Grammar of Ornament codified not just a gorgeous array of colorful exempla but also the principles he strove for in design writ large or small.

    Joan Friedman graduated with honors from Harvard and has degrees in art history from the University of London, library service from Columbia, and accounting the University of Illinois.  Among her many achievements, she is an expert on English color printing, curating the Yale exhibit “Color Printing in England, 1486 to 1870” and writing the exhibit’s accompanying book.  Joan is a scholar, collector, and member of numerous organizations including the Caxton Club, the Grolier Club, and the Bibliographic Society of America.

    Septemer dinner: Union League Club, 65 West Jackson Blvd. Social gathering, 5 to 6 pm; Presentation, 6 pm; Dinner to follow. Program is free and open to the public; Dinner is $63 per person. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED for either the Program only or the Program/Dinner combination by NO LATER THAN NOON, MONDAY, September 10. Cancellations or no shows made after that time will require payment. To reserve call 312-255- 3710 or e-mail

    Payment for reservations made by phone or e-mail will be collected at the event, cash or check only. Caxton Club members may register in advance and pay at this Web address (  No on-line cancellations. 

    • 09/21/2018
    • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Union League Club, 65 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago

    Phil Brown: Mailbox Secrets, An Insider’s View

    Luncheon: Friday, September 21, Union League Club

       It may be the greatest challenge to writer and designer. It hides in plain sight. It has only a fleeting moment to catch your attention. You answer it when it calls to you and despise it when it misses the mark. 

         It’s direct mail and you’ll never look at it the same way again after author and RR Donnelley veteran Phil Brown shares his wonderfully engaging presentation. Phil brings decades of experience in the direct mail trenches and a lively presentation style to a topic about the printing everyone loves to hate — except when it raises money for their favorite cause, inspires them to join a cultural institution, or brings them a can’t-miss-it deal.

         Why did a printer intentionally ruin a typeface for a client? When did copperplate knock it out of the park? What’s a control? What makes an envelope leap out of the mailbox while others languish in the recycle bin? 

         Sharing secrets from his book of Rules, Reckonings, And Tales Told From The Mailbox, Phil Brown may just convince you never to use the “j words” again. (That’s “junk mail”) It’s so easy to make your reservation. Why not do it right now?  

    September 21st luncheon: Union League Club, 65 W. Jackson Boulevard. Buffet (Lincoln dining room on six) opens at 11:30 am; program (in a different room, to be announced) 12:30-1:30. Luncheon is $35. Program free but please let us know you’re coming. Reservations or cancellations for lunch by noon Wednesday for Friday lunch. Call 312-255-3710 or e-mail .

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